Our first one page adventure – download bite-sized inspiration for your RPG sessions

As a GM, you sometimes just have to write your ideas down – they may not be fully formed, but they could still serve for inspiration later on. This is was our very first one page dungeon we created for the dungeoncontest 2017. However, we never submitted it, because we felt the idea of using mirrors to create corridors doesn’t quite work. Still – once we tested the dungeon it was great fun, so we hope you’ll enjoy it too!


  • Recommended RPG: Any with fantastical elements

  • Number of players: Four or less recommended

  • Duration: short (2-3 hours)

  • Difficulty: easy

The Story

The marvellous ruins of the Kumpo people can be found all over the island of Temitia. Their culture has vanished several centuries ago and is nowadays mostly remembered for their beautiful silver craftsmanship. Kumpo mirrors fetch a high price from collectors and scholars all over the world. Yet, the story of their disappearance is still a mystery. Ancient murals show the Kumpo priests leading their people into a new world of light – but no there are no records of them ever resurfacing anywhere else. A new excavation might now shed some light on the fate of the Kumpo: deep in the bowels of the palace city, a silver door has been discovered. Its inscription reads: I will open when the moon is high and lead you to the promised land of silver and light.

In this one-page dungeon, a small team of explorers enter the old ruin in hope of discovering the fate of its constructors. What happened to the Kumpo people? What is the promised land, and how can it be reached? Can modern minds even comprehend the magic of “The Mirror Dungeon”?

Hints, notes and ideas for this One-Page Adventure

  • The dungeon was born out of two (not necessarily related) ideas: Having a literal mirror fight and a puzzle revolving around a central room, which looks like it is mirrored but is in reality just symmetrical and divided by a large window.

  • The mirror puzzles seem to make sense on first glance, but critical players will pick them apart if given enough time to think about it.

  • The ending – being trapped in an alternate dimension, was meant as an origin story for ordinary archeologists being stranded in a fantastical world. It worked quite well.

The mirror dungeon in overview