FluxForm Fables – Roleplaying for his divine Purpose

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Changing the Face of Storytelling in Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPG)

Fluxform Fables is a quickly learnable tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) about shapeshifters sent to different worlds by their all-seeing patron Mr. Oxluff. Their divine mission: disrupt the course of history and sow enough chaos to please their enigmatic employer.

Should they do their job well, they get to keep the knowledge of other worlds for their next mission. If not, then…

To play the game, you need at least one random character creator, called FluxForm (found below), a standard 52 card poker deck, one player to play as the narrator and at least two players who will play as the shapeshifters.

No prior knowledge apart from the rules contained in this document are necessary to play. Although, being well-versed in genre tropes and storytelling helps making the experience more memorable.

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What differentiates this game from other roleplaying games?

FluxForm Fables tries to bridge the gap between more mechanics-driven TTRPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons or Apocalypse World and more improvisational games like Fiasco or The Quiet year to provide a unique, genre-bending experience.

From Dungeons and Dragons it takes the emphasis on player characters and skill-checks, but they play out with fixed consequences, similar to Apocalypse World. Like Fiasco players are encouraged to create a narrative together and argue from randomly generated prompts. Taken together, FluxFurm provides the following features:

  • One-click character creation using the titular FluxForms
  • Rules that are quickly and easily explained while playing
  • Chaotic gameplay guided by pokercards and the narrator’s creativity
  • Genre-bending action bringing together characters from different universes
  • Short playsessions with a limited number of actions to succeed.

FluxFrom Character Generators

Below you can find links to all the different genres you can use for your gameplay. Each generator creates random characters you would find within a specific genre of TTRPG. The offline version of each generator can be found here.

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