Are you looking for a Swiss table-top roleplaying game (TTRPG) group?

Join Quickphix here

Are you based in the East of Switzerland and don’t have a TTRPG party you can join? Do you want to just dip you toe into classical roleplaying games but you don’t know where to start? Are you just bored and looking to kill some monsters?

Well, enough rhetorical questions, because the solution is simple:

Just join us – we’ve been waiting for you!

Quickphix TTRPG-Club Overview

Quickphix - forever onward
  • Officially founded: 2014

  • Locations: (So far) St. Gallen, Chur and sometimes Zurich

  • Main RPGs: Dungeons & Dragons, Splittermond, Monster of the Week

  • Member count: 20 active members and counting

  • Membership Fee: First month is free, afterwards you should bring some snacks

  • Number of NPCs harassed: 248’526.5 and counting. The 0.5 was a halfling.

  • Mean d20 dice-roll results according to player interviews: 4.32

  • Mean GM dice rolls: [redacted]

Benefits of joining Quickphix

  • Regular game-sessions with like-minded people

  • A way to improve your GM or player skills

  • Testing new tabletop RPGs

  • Being able to browse our vast digital RPG-book library

  • Access to our miniature forge (it’s a 3d printer)

  • Access to playing spaces in St. Gallen, Chur and some other places

  • Able to present your ideas and content on this very website (translation and editing included)

  • Developing an unhealthy obsession with dice

Conditions for joining Quickphix

  • Old enough to handle the (likely) death of your player character

  • Speaking either English or German (both would be best).

  • Being able to read long words and count to 30 without assistance

  • Not getting embarassed because of your or someone else’s roleplaying.

  • Knowing when to appease the GM or DM with snacks and beverages.