Who are we?

Quickphix is a network of friends from Switzerland, who all came together for one reason: Their passion for Tabletop Role Play Games (TTRPG).

We are a multifaceted club and have been active on the internet since the days of the Web 1.0. We saw the rapidly growing exchange of digital RPG content as an opportunity to bring our own ideas to a wider audience. Each one of us works in a completely different field today, but we still host regular playsessions. To be able to justify to the outside world that playing RPGs for hours is not a waste of time, we now simply post the results of our campaigns on this website. If only one person besides us can benefit from these posts, it wasn’t a waste of time.

Are you based in Switzerland and you’d like to find a group to play some TTRPGs with? Well – than contact us or go one step further and join our club!

What does Quickphix do?

Quickphix is a Swiss club for tabletop role-play game (TTRPG) enthusiasts. To find out what we do, click on one of the fields below:


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