The Game Master’s Secret Stash – More content for your RPGs

The Game Master’s Secret Stash – More content for your RPGs2018-08-12T17:11:53+02:00

Free downloadable one shot adventures, maps, monsters and mechanics for your RPGs!

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What is “Game Master’s Secret Stash”?

“Game Master’s Secret Stash” (or GM-SS for short) is a blog series for Dungeon Masters (DMs) or Game Masters (GMs) who are looking for inspiration for their RPGs. Each post contains either a one-shot adventure, a new monster – new mechanics, maps and so much more.

All these materials can be downloaded in a .pdf format, exchanged and edited – completely free of charge. Most of the posts are meant for the “Dungeons and Dragons” RPG, but we try to make it easy for all content to be easily integratable into other role-playing games.

What’s the point of GM-SS?

Every DM or GM knows that preparing a campaign means a lot of work and that 90% of this work will never seen by their players anyway. Being able to fall back on extensive, modular resources is therefore a great help – not only to find inspiration, but also to be able to carry out an adventure spontaneously.

We hope that GM-SS can make a small contribution to this cause.

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