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FluxForm Fables – Tarot Expansion

The First Expansion to FluxForm Fables - use Tarot Cards to determine your Players' Fate! This expansion was designed as an alternative method to do skill checks in FluxForm Fables. As such, you need this text, the core rulebook and a deck of 78 Tarot cards with both major and minor arcana. If [...]

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FluxForm Fables – Update 1

The official release version of FluxForm Fables - get ready shapeshifters! Fluxform Fables is a rules-light TTRPG we have been working on in our free time. It is supposed to provide the structured fun of a more rule intensive RPG like Dungeons and Dragons while still providing the opportunity for improvisational roleplaying - [...]

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Extinction Punk: Version 1.0

The official release version of Extinction Punk - available now! It is finally here and hopefully without any spelling mistakes. Discover the release version of Extinction Punk now and completely for free! What is new in Version 1.0? The document below contains the following chapters & features: [...]

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Extinction Punk: Version 0.4

The first step to advanced Extinction Punk - build and equip caravans! This time we expanded on the advanced rules of Extinction Punk. They are meant for advanced players and shift the focus from moment-to-moment survival towards a more goal-oriented playstyle. The rulebook no contains a section on how to build and equip [...]

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Extinction Punk: Version 0.3

The second patch of Extinction Punk - new character icons and an introductory adventure! It is hard to start playing with an RPG system you have never used before. The mechanics on paper are often hard to comprehend without seeing them in the proper context. Hence, we have created and playtested a little [...]

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Extinction Punk: Version 0.2

The first patch of Extinction Punk - character sheets and less grammatical errors It did not take the eagle-eye mutation to see the large number of typos and grammatical errors in the initial release. But that is ok - we corrected some of them and introduced new, better ones. We hope you enjoy [...]

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