The Original Release of Extinction Punk – Warts and all other Mutations included!

This is the first version of Extinction Punk – it contains the bare minimum to be called a TTRPG: A set of rules, six characters and some vague ideas of where things could go. We will post the next version which will contain charactersheets, some more details on the base-building mechanics and some tweaks from our playtests. In the meantime: enjoy playing our eco RPG!

What is new in Version 0.1?

The document below contains the following chapters & features:

  • Chapter 1: A condensed explanation of the core mechanics of the game and how they relate to other TTRPGs powered by the Apocalypse

  • Chapter 2: All the core rules of Extinction Punk explained in context

  • Chapter 3: The character creation guides for the first six characters in the game: the Bunker Baby, the Core Consciousness, a Hardly Human, a Mysterious Mutant, the Roaming Ranger and finally the Sole Survivor.

  • Chapter 4: The first draft of the advanced rules for late-game sessions or roleplay veterans

  • Chapter 5: General guidelines for the GM on how to run the game, how to structure expeditions, finding inspiration as well as a thorough delineation of Extinction Punk as a genre from other science fiction sub-genres.