The second patch of Extinction Punk – new character icons and an introductory adventure!

It is hard to start playing with an RPG system you have never used before. The mechanics on paper are often hard to comprehend without seeing them in the proper context. Hence, we have created and playtested a little introductory adventure. It is not quite finished yet, but we think it still makes for a decent update.

What is new in Version 0.3?

The document below contains the following chapters & features:

  • All Chapters: fixing grammatical errors and changing the wording of some passages.

  • Chapter 3: Rebalancing some of the characters (removing some gear, clarifying wordings on specials moves) and also adding in new character symbols more in line with the cover-style.

  • Chapter 6: The draft of an example expedition, designed to be an introductory adventure in the world of Extinction Punk

  • Glossary: A simple glossary to quickly look up some of the game’s rudimentary terms

  • Character Sheets: Adding the new character symbols to the character sheet.