The first step to advanced Extinction Punk – build and equip caravans!

This time we expanded on the advanced rules of Extinction Punk. They are meant for advanced players and shift the focus from moment-to-moment survival towards a more goal-oriented playstyle. The rulebook no contains a section on how to build and equip caravans, recruit allies and much more. Check it out and have fun!

What is new in Version 0.4?

The document below contains the following chapters & features:

  • All Chapters: Spelling mistakes and misleading passages were corrected.

  • Chapter 2: Changing the order of the subchapters to improve reader’s flow.

  • Chapter 3: Re-balancing some of the special moves.

  • Chapter 4: Redefining the advanced leveling rules and adding a separate chapter on how to create, maintain and expand caravans. The events for decentralized play between sessions have been expanded.

  • Character Sheets: Updated, and a caravan sheet was created.

  • Glossary: The glossary was expanded to contain caravan and weather event terms.