Our eighteenth downloadable GM-SS Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventure – a rock-solid dungeon crawl!

Whether it’s for a one-shot adventure, starting a longer story, or just another day in your players’ lives, we hope this adventure module will inspire all you DMs and GMs out there. The eighteenth chapter takes adventurers up to the mountaineous peaks of Corviglia, only to dive down into a long lost dungeon. A classic dungeon crawl with monsters, magic and fights galore. Have fun!


  • RPG: D&D 5e

  • Number of players: 3 or less recommended

  • Recommended level: 5-6

  • Duration: medium (2-5 hours)

  • Difficulty: high, with a chance of TPK for unexperienced players

  • For your campaign: This adventure works best, if the players do not have access to healing spells or potions able to reverse petrification. This way, they will have to plan around the central encounter with the Basilisks.

  • This Adventure Module contains: 

    • The story for a classic dungeon adventure
    • Builds for four new enemies / monsters
    • A table of random mountain wilderness encounters
    • Four loot-tables with new magic items
    • Several high detail maps to be used in an online tabletop such as Roll20

The Story

While travelling through Corviglia, wanderers might happen across pieces of uncannily lifelike human sculptures in the bushes near the windy mountaintops. This might be an amber foot, wearing painstakingly carved ancient sandals, a granite slender hand clutching a dagger or a marble jaw, agape with a war-cry made stone. The natives just chuckle when presented with these wondrous items. “Don’t worry – there won’t be many more of those turning up” is the usual response. This is because all the villages in Corviglia, from Ot to Vadret and from Surlej to Crasta Mora know, that their ancestors drove out the creators of these sculptures long ago. They know of the bloody rebellion which forced both the sculptors and their masters underground. They know how hard their ancestors fought, to eradicate and bury every last piece of the culture which produced these artefacts. What they and their ancestors apparently underestimated, was the curiosity of scholars – because only a day’s march away from their homes, the archaeologist Madulain Pat managed to dig up something Corviglia wanted to keep buried forever.

In this 3 – 5 hour adventure, a party of 5th to 6th level characters are hired to check up on the half-elf scholar Madulain Pat. His last courier pigeon to the university was sent over a month ago, and he hasn’t been seen or heard of since. His isolated dig-site in the mountains is found quickly, but the party soon realizes, why the scholar had not returned home: he had unearthed a giant structure built by Corviglia’s old masters. The players are forced to venture deeper to rescue Madulain Pat and eventually come face to face with the mountain’s “Heart of Stone”.

Notes for the GM / DM

  • If the players tend to play aggressively, it is up to the GM to make it clear to the players, that directly taking on the basilisks is a very dangerous idea, which could result in a total party kill.

  • The mountain encounter table can be used to lengthen the adventures duration and build intrigue before venturing down into the dungeon.

  • The adventure can be easily scaled up for more players or higher levels, by adding a Stoneteeth Swarm or a Velasian Ghost to any of the encounters.

GM-SS 18 Temple Map