Footage Dump: a glimpse into various video games

Footage Dump: a glimpse into various video games2018-08-13T12:03:39+02:00

Video Game footage and the random thoughts the player has about them

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What is Footage Dump?

Footage Dump is a blog series without the much of a structure or purpose. Each post contains footage of a video game and some information about the game. The other content is completely random – maybe we’ll discuss a really interesting mechanic, which occurs in the recording. Maybe it’s tips for a playthrough or maybe we’ll just write a limerick.

All pictures and recordings in these posts can be downloaded, edited or otherwise modified.

What’s the purpose of Footage Dump?

We produce a lot of video game footage – and we want to keep it somewhere. Maybe we’ll come to some insight when we force ourselves to say something about each clip. Maybe the whole thing is completely useless – but that would also be okay. We enjoy it and maybe we can share some of that joy with you.

Additional Information

If you have a question, suggestion or criticism, you can use our contact form. If you would like to have a specific video for one of your own projects, you can also let us know. We often create such recordings completely free of charge.

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