Leider ist dieses Quiz vorerst erst verfügbar auf Englisch – wir arbeiten momentan an einer Übersetzung.

Are you new to D&D 5e and can't decide on which race to use for your character? 

Do you just wanna find out which race would fit the best with the character you have in mind? 

Are you looking for inspiration for your next characer?

This is the Quiz for you! Only 10 Questions and less than fifth minutes to find the D&D 5e race right for your character!

Where did you grow up?
Which of the features you've inherited from your parents do you value the most?
How would you describe your temperament?
How would others describe your judgement?
Which environments make you feel uncomfortable?
What values were important to your parents?
What did you want to be growing up?
What are your hobbies?
What advice did you receive from your elders?
Should you die, what would you want to leave behind?