Are you new to D&D 5e and can't decide on which class to use for your character? 

Do you just wanna find out which class would fit the best with the character you have in mind? 

Are you looking for inspiration for your next character? 

This is the Quiz for you! 10 Questions and less than 5 Minutes to find out which D&D fifth edition class best suits your preferences!
(Last updated for Tasha's Cauldron of Everything)

What makes your character unique?
You and your friends are being ambushed by a large group of thugs - you're all unarmed. What are you going to do?
A noble wants to reward you with a weapon of your choice for a quest well done. What do you pick out of his armory?
Your companions are talking about their motives for joining this party. What is your response?
You need to infiltrate an enemy hideout and find yourself at a closed door. What do you?
You need to prepare for a difficult journey through a mountain pass. What do you do?
A farmer has seen you dispatch of a few monsters. He asks you how you got so strong.
The Inquisitor has trapped you within a zone of truth. He asks you: What is your darkest secret?
You are struck by a demon's spell and you tell everyone what you fear more than anything else. What is it?
This is it - you've finally tracked down your nemesis. What do you say before charging into your final battle?