Congratulations on making it this far!

You are quite something – not everybody makes it this far. Well, actually nobody has made it this far.

This still doesn’t matter though, because in order to prove that you are worthy of the package’s contents, you’ll have to pass three final tests.

Three challenges – three numbers – you get the idea.

Btw – I recommend you to do these challenges on your laptop or desktop computer (not your phone) and at a secret place.

We wouldn’t want anybody to get to the right answers before you do 😉

Good luck!

The Irishman

The Irishman has been the middleman in many deals.

He’s smart, he’s charming and he wants to challenge you.

Can you beat his tactical cunning?

It might take a few tries.

Use your wisdom to get through!

The Brothers

The Brothers always try to be first in everything.

They will test your ability to think under pressure.

The older is gentle, the younger a bit of prick.

Make sure to read their instructions carefully!

Show them your courage!

Brutal Molly

Brutal Molly is usually the last to leave the battlefield.

She’s precise and quick – a sharpshooter.

She also has an eye for colors.

Is it even possible to be faster than her?

Show her your power!