One Page Adventures: Bite-sized RPG ideas

One Page Adventures: Bite-sized RPG ideas2019-05-11T15:45:49+02:00

Inspiration for your tabletop RPG sessions – one page at a time

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What are One Page Adventures?

One Page Adventures (or OPA) was born from pragmatism and inspired by the excellent people organizing the “One Page Dungeon Contest“. As a GM or DM, a lot of preparation time goes into one-off ideas, maps and illustrations that end up never being used at all. Writing them down as one-page ideas not only helps to preserve them, but also forces the GM to focus on the most elemental aspects and mechanics of an encounter.

All pictures, pages and dungeons in these posts can be downloaded, edited or otherwise modified under a CC-attribution license.

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What’s the purpose of One Page Adventure?

The goal is to create interesting encounters or parts of ideas, which hopefully can be used within a future campaign. In contrast to the entries in the Game Master’s Secret Stash, these entries won’t be complete adventures or concept (most of them won’t even be all that polished), but they hopefully can be used to spice up some of your future campaigns.

Additional Information

If you have a question, suggestion or criticism, you can use our contact form. If you would like to convert a doodle of one your dungeons or encounters into a digital version, reach out to us. We’d be happy for the inspiration and will try to create a one-page version, completely free of charge.

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