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Short Longplays is a blog series that examines the game mechanics of short (mostly retro) video games. Each post consists of a blind, uncommented playthrough of that game and a short essay discussing the more interesting features of said game. In addition, each post has a section with tips and tricks.

All pictures and recordings in these posts can be downloaded, edited or otherwise modified without asking Quickphix for permission.

Short Longplays: Rhythm Tengoku or Rhythm Heaven (GBA, 2006)

Factsheet Developer: Nintendo SPD Publisher: Nintendo Plattform: Game Boy Advance Release Date: 03.08.2006 Japan Genre: Rhythm game Good to know: The game was never officially released outside of Japan, even though it is the first installment of the now well beloved "Rhythm Heaven" series. About [...]

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Short Longplays: Wario Blast featuring Bomberman! (Gameboy, 1994)

Factsheet Developer: Hudson Soft Publisher: Nintendo Plattform: Gameboy Release date: 10.08.1994 Japan Genre: Action / Strategy Random Fact: Using the Super Gameboy, up to four players could play this game. About the game "Wario Blast featuring Bomberman!" is one of Nintendo's first crossover [...]

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