Our thirteenth one page adventure (OPA) – download bite-sized inspiration for your RPG sessions!

The King has devised a new test to determine which recruits are worthy of joining his honor-guard. Quickphix the mage has been tasked with observing their effectiveness and fairness. Would your party be strong, brave and cunning enough to prevail?


  • Recommended RPG: Any system – easily adaptable scenario

  • Number of players: 3-4

  • Duration: medium (3-5 hours)

  • Difficulty: medium

The Story

Today, the King asked me to supervise the recruitment tests for his new elite guard. He wanted to hear my expert opinion on the five tests he designed to assess the strength, cunning, intelligence, wisdom & charm of his recruits. The rules are simple enough – any recruit must pass four of the five tests without resting to be eligible for his guard.

In this one-page adventure, your party may see if the have what it takes to be a knight of the realm. Five grueling encounters, no rest. Can they work together to outlast or outsmart the “Adventurers’ Training Camp”?

Hints, notes and ideas for this One-Page Adventure

  • This adventure works well as an introductory quest for a new party or players new to a game like D&D.

  • Many of the tasks do not have a “right” solution – it is up to the GM to decide on the feasibility of the plans the players come up with.

  • The last task can be turned into a more tactical encounter, by always revealing the guards’ positions to the players.

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