Our sixth one page adventure (OPA) – download bite-sized inspiration for your RPG sessions!

Sometimes your players just want to rob a bank or break into a vault. Dungeons aren’t everything, sometimes you just want to stick it to the “Man”! Well – now you can. This One-Page Adventure is just that: a straight forward, no-strings-attached quick guide to a robbery… with a slight magical twist. Sprinkle it into one of your campaigns or flesh it out into a one-shot – all the parts you need are here. Enjoy!


  • Recommended RPG: Fantasy RPG or one taking place in the past

  • Number of players: four

  • Duration: short (1-3 hours)

  • Difficulty: easy

The Story

You’ve been following the guardsmen from the precinct to Button’s Bank. It is just as you’ve all suspected: these greedy pigs are enriching themselves on contraband and stolen goods. Burton Button, the vulture, is probably in on this racket as well! Well, tonight is your chance. The bank is celebrating its anniversary and your gang just happened to “stumble across” some invitation letters for the event. They won’t suspect a thing – you’ll bleed their famous vaults dry!

In this one-page adventure, you and your party infiltrate the corrupt Burton’s Bank. This won’t just be a normal robbery – you’ve planned this a long time in advance. You will walk away with so much money, that the bards of the future will sing the glorious tale of the “Heist at Burton’s Bank”!

Hints, notes and ideas for this One-Page Adventure

  • This one page adventure really just serves as a bare-bones setting GMs can use for their campaign. Hence, it can be added into almost any city campaign.

  • For a more tactically interested party, it might be wise to add guard patrol routes and similar details to the map.

  • Either Burton Button himself or the mimic chest can serve as a final boss for the adventure, should the players be interested in a fight.

Heist at Button's Bank OPA6