Our twelveth downloadable GM-SS Dungeons and Dragons One Shot Adventure – may contain some traces of TPK!

Whether it’s for a one-shot adventure, starting a longer story, or just another day in your players’ lives, we hope this adventure module will inspire all you DMs and GMs out there. Our twelveth adventure module confronts your party with their most devious adversary yet: themselves. Trapped in a labyrinth of mirrors, the players only have 7 hours to come up with a strategy to survive against their own attacks. Good luck!


  • RPG: D&D 5e

  • Number of players: 4 or less recommended

  • Recommended level: from 15 onwards

  • Duration: long (6-8 hours)

  • Difficulty: hard – both for the players and the GM

  • For your campaign: This adventure yields a high risk of getting the entire party killed. The final encounter pits the players directly against a foe equal to their strength – should they fail to work together, they will be defeated.

  • This Adventure Module contains: 

    • The story for a single adventure
    • A map of a large villa on top of cliff
    • A build for a friendly NPC Cleric
    • Stat block for a new deadly enemy
    • Ideas for a home-alone style battle encounter

The Story

Perched on a cliff outside the fishing village of Dorma stands an old villa. It was once inhabited by Katja Arga, the widow of an infamous mercenary and pirate. The locals had always done their best to avoid the villa – even after Katja’s husband died. This wasn’t just out of fear of Katja’s alleged violent nature and short temper. During the day, otherworldly lights could be seen flickering through the dirty windows of the villa and at night, piercing sounds could be heard coming from below the house. Some nights, the shrieks would get so loud, the townsfolk were awoken from their slumber. When carefully asked about these strange phenomena, the unapproachable Katja just told the locals to mind their own business. Dorma did as it was told and started treating Katja as a cursed outsider. Still, their shock was great as one night, the sounds suddenly stopped. The villagers braced themselves for catastrophe – but nothing happened. No one saw Katja ever again. Yet, the lights could still be seen throughout the day – glinting invitingly at anyone walking past. The citizens of Dorma briefly debated, if they should burn down this clearly haunted house, but soon got used to seeing it on the horizon. Years passed like this and some started to forget what they were even afraid of. They were reminded three nights ago, as the sounds returned to the house and smoke could be seen rising from the long-cold chimney. Could it be, that Katja has returned?

In this 6 – 8-hour adventure, a party of 15th to 16th level characters are hired to investigate the old villa and to put an end to the hauntings. But what they find in the house isn’t what they expected. Katja clearly had been working on an important project all these years – a project just waiting for someone to “See it through”.

Notes for the GM / DM

  • The GM has to maintain the  balance between a good challenge and being unfairly difficult. When in doubt, the GM should cut the players some slack – especially during the final encounter.

  • The final encounter works best with long-established characters the GM already knows. Therefore, it isn’t optimal for a self-contained adventure.

  • This one-shot features two fairly long battles. It is recommended to break them up with some banter between the NPCs and the players.

GM-SS 12 See it through Cover