Our third one page adventure (OPA) – download bite-sized inspiration for your RPG sessions!

This one-page adventure began as an idea to save time on creating battle maps. Often, when we play inside a large building with easily defined rooms (e.g. a mansion), we don’t draw a map. Instead, we gather a bunch of square notes and write the names of the room on them (e.g. living room, kitchen, etc.). This has several advantages:

  • It lets the players explore the space without knowing where every room is
  • It can serve as a way to indicate how far the players can see (e.g. you flip over the notes the players currently can’t see).
  • It takes up less space
  • It saves the GM a lot of preparation time

Of course, this set-up also allows to create crazy moving labyrinths or an encounter for a monster, who is able to change the terrain around it. Which brings us to the adventure at hand.


  • Recommended RPG: Horror and/or Sci-Fi settings preferred

  • Number of players: three or less recommended

  • Duration: medium (3-4 hours)

  • Difficulty: hard

The Story

You and your team have been researching long-distance energy transmission out in the wastes at station Charlie for several months now. You don’t know your employer and you don’t care: the pay is good; the equipment is top notch and you get to focus solely on your research. Today, you’ve received a call from your colleagues at the outpost Bravo. Apparently, their weird portal experiment was successful. On top of that, they’ve also managed to snatch up a weird artefact which just suddenly showed up within the portal. They claim it contains DNA – undeniable proof for the existence of life beyond our planet. Intrigued, you and your team set out to outpost Bravo.

In this one-page adventure, you and your party of researches come into contact with an alien being, which has been sent here from beyond the stars. You’ll investigate its weird ability to distort space and maybe even try to understand its purpose here. Why did it show up in the portal? Was it sent by some alien intelligence? If so, are its creators “Still out there”?

Hints, notes and ideas for this One-Page Adventure

  • The random room changing mechanic can get frustrating at times. We recommend the GM should just start fudging the number for his player after a while. Alternatively, a device to permanently link to rooms together could be introduced.

  • The monster should both be really strong offensively and almost impossible to kill without the bioweapon. The GM could also rule, that the bioweapon eliminates or disrupts the monster’s ability to teleport.

  • It is up to the GM to decide, if a destroyed generator can be repaired or not.

Map of Outpost Bravo from OPA still out there